Butterflies and Friends 2011

Sponsored by Rotary Club of Colorado Springs

  • "Winged Wildflowers"  Butterfly painted by members
  • "Wings of Tranquility" Butterfly painted by Peggi Severini, CDA
  • Nancy Jefferson - Committee Chair
  • Nancy, Peggi, Carolyn and Lois
  • The work table
  • Basecoating has begun
  • Progress
  • PPDP Gallery: Image
  • PPDP Gallery: Image
  • Peggi and Carolyn
  • Nancy and Becky in staging room at Citadel Mall
  • Large Butterfly in staging room
  • Small Butterfly in staging room
  • Butterfly displayed in front of Antlers Hotel
  • Our "Winged Wildflowers" displayed at the Antlers Hotel
  • PPDP Gallery: Image
  • PPDP Gallery: Image
  • Judy Westegaard in front of our Butterfly
  • Displayed at Pikes Peak & Tejon
  • PPDP Gallery: Image
  • Judy Westegaard with our Butterfly
  • "Monarch" Sally Ann Wilson (another entry Butterfly & Friends)
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Photos provided by: Nancy and Berry Jefferson, Carolyn Culwell, Lois Sanford and Melinda Barnes



The patrons formed a line and eagerly awaited checkin. Most were dressed to the nines while a few artists chose a more eclectic look. The sponsors, patrons and artists commingled easily while forming a small crowd in the foyer.

"Next please." We moved up a spot in line. The intensity and excitement in the air was easy to sense and very nearly palpable by even the service staff. The butterflies were everywhere and being admired for their beautiful colors and creative designs. "Next please." Representing Pikes Peak Decorative Painters were Nancy, Peggi and myself. We received our program. Our bidding number is - One Seven One.

While sipping our wine and savoring hors d'oeuvres, we took in the sights and anxiously awaited the arrival of the auctioneer. As if reading our minds he enters on cue looking dapper and eager to present nearly thirty butterflies. "Can I get a bid of $300? $400? All right then. Can I get $750 and thank you to the woman in the front row. $1000 going once, going twice...SOLD to the gentleman on the right." The raffle butterfly painted by Peggi was next. A thousand tickets sold at $5/each and "The winner is..." The clapping is contagious.

Our excitement peaks for at long last, it was time for our butterfly. The highest bid so far was $3100. Quite impressive. Could we possibly top that? Uncertain but hopeful, we listen as the auction continues... "Now we are offering 'Winged Wildflowers by the Pikes Peak Decorative Painters'. "Let's start out with $500 and $600 and now $1000. Ladies and gentlemen we have a beautiful butterfly here and...$1900. Can I get $2000? Perfect. $2500, $2800. It was as if we were watching a tennis match between a couple at the table in front of us and a man seated at the table off to the far left. Back and forth, back and forth. A BIDDING WAR! And how about ... there it is $3000! Now $3100, $3500, $3700 and $3800! OH MY. Going once, going twice, SOLD for $3,800 to the couple on the right!

All three of us went slack-jawed with surprise. Elated, our eyes danced with delight at what had just transpired and with a lofty posture we joined in the clapping and celebration. Success. Our butterfly took the prize for the highest price that evening!

Thanks to all of you who helped out on 'Winged Wildflowers' and congratulations to Nancy Jefferson who headed up the Butterfly Committee, for a job well done.

Becky McKittrick


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