2019 Board and Committees


Executive Committee
President Cindy Bauer
Vice President
Ruth Rodriquez
Secretary Susie Kozak
Membership Secretary Rebecca Coffey
Treasurer Kim Lindeen
Newsletter Editor Stephany Rodvold

Appointed Officers - Committee Chairpersons
Bazaar Team
Community Service
Maddie White, Peggi Severini,
Angie McClain and Terry Niznik
Memory Boxes Maddie White
Hospitality Nan Auhll
Library Display Rebecca Coffey
Retreat Team
Cec Rae, Janet Gropp, Carolyn Culwell, Maddie White, Kay Kozak, Susie Kozak, Dolly Copeland, Angie McClain
Seminar Team
Carolyn Culwell and Janet Gropp
Ways and Means Kay Kozak, Susie Kozak and Terry
Holiday Party Susie, Steph and Rebecca
Sunshine Chris Lessor
Picnic Peggi Severini
Public Relations Ciindy Bauer and Steph Rodvold

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