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Our meetings will now start at 10:00 AM!

The Pikes Peak Decorative Painters are a wonderful group of women who are passionate about painting. We are some of the most fun-loving, supportive people that I have had the opportunity to be a part for the past 20 years. I have learned to paint many styles and tried and true techniques that I would never have wanted to experience in any other way. As a matter of fact, it is where I fell in love with Norwegian Rosemaling and developed the confidence to be able to teach it.

There are so many internet videos out there right now that allow a person to witness different artists and their work. However, having the opportunity to try some of those things within a group of folks who "SEE" different things during their experience and can express those things to each other in an environment that is fun and supportive is more special and rewarding than I can express.

We have several Seminars a year with teachers that give us new experiences. We normally have programs scheduled at every meeting that give us the opportunity to paint together each month. We get to show what we are currently working on and then get together for the social aspects of a great group of friends. Getting to share friendship with people who love what you do is very special.

We welcome you to attend a meeting as our guest and see what we are all about! We hope that you will find opportunities with us to learn how to paint as a first-time, or early-in-your-painting adventure painter, or if you are an experienced painter, a place where you can feel the kindred spirit and share some of your techniques or views of techniques that will enhance our group.

Please join us the first Saturday of every month! Check the "Meetings and Event" tab for the schedule and location of our meetings.

Cindy Bauer, President


Margaret WehkingOur beautiful chapter logo was designed by Margaret Wehking. She was a cherished member and friend in our chapter until her death in 2003. She was a nationally and internationally recognized decorative artist, particularly in the aspect of stroke work, and designs with intricate color and detail. She was a published author and a highly sought after seminar teacher as well as a very gifted fine artist.

Having lived in the Pike National Forest for many years, she implemented the best of scenic Colorado as our logo symbolizes the varied beauty of Colorado from the mountains to the beautiful Columbines, our state flower.